Awesome: Whiplash

For the 2014 Film:

  • The final performance showcase is a masterful display of editing and sound.
  • Andrew gradually growing more confident in his abilities, to the point where he stands up to Fletcher.
  • Andrew's father going full Papa Wolf and getting Fletcher kicked out of teaching after the latter endangers his son's well being.
  • The point where Andrew is able to fill in for one of his classmates in a musical performance after losing the sheet music, as he had practiced so much that he memorized the music himself.
  • Admit it, you were cheering Andrew on when he attacked Fletcher onstage, and for once actually made him look terrified.
  • As sad as it is in context, Nicole telling Andrew off for getting so self-centered in the pursuit of greatness.
  • Andrew's final drum solo at the climax of the film is a great moment of catharsis for both him and the audience, as he finally lets his talent shine and sticks it to Fletcher at the same time. And Fletcher can do nothing but watch.