Awesome / Veritas

  • Lightning Tiger's fight at the school qualifies as one for the entire manhwa. Every named character within Reunion except Fire Dragon shows up to ambush him when he enters the school grounds. He curbstomps the entire group with a bunch of mooks. The only person who manages to land a blow on him is Vera, so he responds by reverse engineering her martial art on the spot and nearly killing her as a result. Afterwards, he's mainly annoyed that she actually got a blow in on him. THEN Fire Dragon shows up and ambushes him with a bunch more mooks, all trained to fight against foes like him. He still gets away.
  • During chapters 73 & 74 Gangryong challenges both Shinra and Guhoo to a fight, and seemingly gets curbstomped, Guhoo then angrily explains why Gangryong can never beat them, regardless of training, as their desire to protect those dear to them make them more powerful than he will ever be. Gangryong then gets up, laughing about how many times he's read something similar in shounen manga. He then brutally tears down Guhoon's Freudian Excuse and kicks both his and Shinra's asses easily.
  • Honse chapter 75 during the announcements it's been revealed that the leader of the nine dragons is in fact honse and that he's been training for the last four years, Obfuscating Stupidity or in this case impotence, confirming his roles as the Chessmaster, and challenging Vera for title of President