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Awesome: Vandread
  • Pyoro gets one. In episode 2 of Second Stage, right after the power is restored to the whole ship and the elevator was plunging, Pyoro blocked the elevator from falling entirely by itself!
  • Bart gets one in episode 3 of second stage. Also counts as Took a Level in Badass. When protecting a pretty much diseased planet, where he got attached to a permanently sick girl, he unleashes Nirvanas secret weapons.
    • How about the final episode Just about everyone that the cast has met is now grouping together to defeat the Harvesters up to and including The Navies of Tarak and Majale defecting en masse.
  • The first time we see Vandread Dita, the rips open an opposing ship with its bear hands before obliterating it.
  • Super Vandread's debut, in which it effortless stomps a fake Nirvana robot hundreds of times its size.
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