Heartwarming / Vandread

  • More subtle examples than usual, but normally Vandread Dita and Super Vandread has Hibiki and Dita both holding their hands over an orb control... thing. At the end of season 1, before doing something awesome, their hands both squeeze tight on the orb, together. At the end of season 2, their hands are off the orb entirely, instead clasped together.
  • The Captain's only condition to allowing Buzam/BC back into the crew: "Do something about that voice, will ya?"
  • In the second season, the crew finally has enough of the Cannot Spit It Out situation between Dita and Hibiki, deciding to resolve the newest Not What It Looks Like by locking the two in the briefing room until they make up. Hibiki finally starts stuttering an Anguished Declaration of Love while the crew is watching eagerly... and gets interrupted by the scramble alert just as he says the first half of the word "love". She doesn't return the favor up until the last episode where she says it all the way. Still, her request of him saying her name properly one more time seemingly goes unanswered... then he calls after her to accompany him for his journey to Tarak. Seeing that he's going there as a role model of a man living with women (and the aforementioned almost-confession), it's quite why he asks in the first place.