Awesome / Ultimate Spider Woman

  • After everything Jack O'Lantern has done, from the people he's killed to the lives he's ruined, and everything he's done to her personally, Spider-Woman finally fights and defeats the pumpkin-headed lunatic in issue #30. Having discovered who he really is, and everything else he could have done with his talents, Spider-Woman is not only sickened by all the crimes he's committed, but disgusted by his Nietzsche Wannabe beliefs. She sums up her thoughts in a short but eloquent "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Jack O'Lantern:
    Spider-Woman: That's what you really think, isn't it? You really think everyone can be just as evil and twisted as you? Here's something you should remember-I'm not alone in this world. You are. You had everything you could have ever needed, and you wasted it all.
  • In the most recent chapter, Maddie Watson goes on a talk show and calls out the public for their hypocritical ingratitude toward superheroes, specifically Spider-Woman. She even bores holes in Senator Kelly's anti-superhero arguments as she does so.
    Maddie: We take superheroes for granted. Daredevil, Darkhawk, the X-Men, pick whichever one you like, we abuse them when they don't help us and then act like ungrateful jerks when they do. Why would somebody like Spider-Woman risk her neck to save me and my family? She didn't get paid and she didn't get thanked by most people—she did it because it was the right thing to do. After all the city's superheroes have done for us, do you think it would kill us sometimes to show a little gratitude? (cue awkwardness from the other panelists)