Heartwarming / Ultimate Spider Woman

  • Issue #25 starts with the aftermath of Spider-Woman getting her head handed to her by Jack O'Lantern and watching Phillip Watson being murdered. She's both a physical and a mental wreck, barely able to walk and consumed with the feeling that It's All My Fault. When Kitty returns home and finds Mary Jane, she immediately phones Randy and brings MJ back to the Watson residence, where all the people Mary Jane's helped either as Spider-Woman or in her civilian guise come back to return the favor. More than anyone else, after everything her daughter's done to help her, Maddie Watson comes through for Mary Jane when she needs her the most:
    Maddie: That’s why you push yourself so hard, isn’t it? Everything you saw your father do to me, to us…you just wish there was something you could have done, don’t you?
    Mary Jane: Yeah. I just felt so helpless…so…powerless…
    Maddie: And that’s why you do it now. Why you keep doing it. It’s a part of you, isn’t it?
    Mary Jane: I don’t know.I just can’t help myself.
    Maddie: And you’ve done a lot more than you realize.If it wasn’t for you, I never would have gotten the help I needed. You’ve helped all your friends out in so many different ways, and now they just want to return the favor.Like I said, we often forget the good when we think too much about the bad,” Maddie pointed out. But I don’t want you to ever forget how proud I am of you. You’ve helped a lot more people than you’ll ever know, especially me. Please remember that.