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Awesome: Trinity Blood
  • Anytime Father Abel uses his Crusnik form delivers a CMOA. For instance, the first episode where he destroyed a vampire within a few moments.
  • "Crusnik Nanomachine 03!"
    • Abel initiates most of his Crusnik transformations with the phrase "Nanomachine Crusnik 02: Power output level forty percent, activate." After which he usually proceeds to swiftly kick ass upon any villains around. The Moment of Awesome comes when, after being taunted by the first opponent able to stand up to Abel in this form: "Nanomachine Crusnik 02: Power output level eighty percent, activate."
  • Chapter 60 of the manga; Esther has just witnessed Abel's head get blown of by Cain, who, up until this point, has been mostly harmless and quite daft. Certainly she's stunned, but her first reaction when she snaps out of it? Pulls out a sawed off shotgun from under her dress and BLOW A HOLE THROUGH HIS CHEST. Then she does similar damage to his second-in-command, Kampfer. True, neither are really affected by this on any major scale, but it's none the less one of her most badass moments in the manga.
  • Episode 14 of the anime, where Crusnik 02 destroys an airship with a bolt of lightning.

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