Awesome / Touch of Evil

  • The ending. More bittersweet than depressing, but also the best way to end the best B-movie Film Noir in history.
    Tana: Isn't somebody gonna come and take him away?
    Schwartz: Yeah, in just a few minutes. You really liked him didn't you?
    Tana: The cop did... the one who killed him... he loved him.
    Schwartz: Well, Hank was a great detective all right.
    Tana: And a lousy cop.
    Schwartz: Is that all you have to say for him?
    Tana (sighs): He was some kind of a man... What does it matter what you say about people?
    Schwartz: Goodbye Tana.
    Tana: Adiós. (walks into the night)

  • As a meta example, The Oner tracking shots that pop up throughout the film, especially the epic opening shot tracking across a city landscape as the doomed car and the main characters keep crossing each other's paths. Some of the best camera work of the era.
  • Also one for Charlton Heston, in the scene where his character casually zips his car through the town's back alleyways; Heston really was simultaneously driving the car and acting.