Awesome / tool

  • Keenan is a student of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He once put a stage rushing fan in a rear-naked choke, while in the middle of singing a song, and held him down without missing a note until security finally took him away.
    • Here's the video of said incident.
  • The song "Lateralus" is often hailed as one of the crowning jewels of not just Tool's Discography, but of the best songs ever. The most interesting and creative aspect of the song is the usage of the Fibonacci sequence (a very difficult but interesting sequence of numbers), which is not just incorporated within its Time signatures, but in the opening and chorus. Now that's creativity and awesomeness to boot.
    • Even better, if you rearrange the tracks on "Lateralus" in the Fibonacci sequence (also known as the "Holy Gift" sequence to fans), it gives you an entirely different listening experience. Maynard even teases it with the lyrics Overthinking/Overanalyzing/Separate the body from the mind. You clever bastards.
  • The song "Hooker With a Penis" is a response to a critic who accused the band of selling out. Not only does it destroy said critic but it also destroys the notion of "selling out" completely.