Nightmare Fuel / tool

Let's put it this way: Tool are the fucking ExxonMobil of Nightmare Fuel.
*dissonant guitar noises*

  • "Rosetta Stoned." Has the Narrator been abducted by aliens, or is he just doing the Mushroom Samba? Either way, it's really fucking scary. Listen to it stoned.
  • Here's something "fun" to do: stay up until 3 am, then turn off all the lights and listen to Lateralus all the way through. By the time you get to "Faaip de Oiad", you will be paranoid beyond belief.
  • Tool songs fall under two categories, Mind Screw, or Nightmare Fuel. The best ones do both, with often incredibly disturbing results. Take for example, "Disgustipated" from Undertow.
    • The opening track on Undertow is just as bad. It's supposed to sound like someone running out of oxygen underwater.
  • "Viginti Tres" from 10,000 Days is another good addition to the list of creepy last tracks.
    • The most notable moment is when suddenly, out of nowhere, a loud voice suddenly starts playing over the staticy sounds. A quite effective jump scare to say the least.
  • "Prison Sex." While the original song is certainly more than enough to qualify for Nightmare Fuel, it's the music video that is truly disturbing. Try watching it without feeling disturbed.
  • Listening to "Die Eier Von Satan" for the first time can be intimidating: The incredibly dissonant guitar noises, backward drums, and vocals in a Hitler-esque German voice. Until you find out what he is saying in English: it's just a German recipe for hash cookies. On top of that, the title in German may also mean "Satan's Balls".
  • The music video for "Schism". Words alone fail to do it justice.
    • The music video for "Prison Sex" is even creepier, if you know what the song is about.
    • The video for "Sober" is extremely unnerving.
      • There is no such thing as a Tool video that is not mind-meltingly disturbing.
      • Well, there's Hush.
  • Third Eye is terrifying. From the false buildups in the first 3 minutes, to the stoned howls of "PRYING OPEN MY THIRD EYE" and the chants of "I opened my eye, and there we were" are just like a nightmarish lullaby. I can only imagine what it sounds like stoned.
  • And for the finale, Useful Idiot.
    • Which, as a joke, was put onto the album to trick people who brought the vinyl edition. During the day, it can be considered a joke. However, when played in the dark, it somehows turns into paranoia fuel that sounds like it might cut to a jump scare.