Awesome / Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

  • THUG's Alternate Ending. After beating the game once, you get a nice little treat when Eric Sparrow challenges you to win back the tape. Instead of the skate-off, you simply deck the smug bastard, and take the thing.
  • Eric Sparrow's entire role in THUG2 is him being greatly humiliated, from wetting and soiling his pants, to crashing into a wiener cart, to being left stranded in Australia and getting crushed under Nigel Beaverhausen's ass. (and, according to the credits, the fall was so immense that he got stuck up his ass) And you'll love every second of it.
  • The finale of THUG2: First, Bam Margera goes and activates giant fireworks that he's set up around Skatopia, from grinding a firecracker wheel, to playing Q*bert with a stack of boxes. Next, Tony Hawk evacuates all of the dogs from the area before the place goes up in flames, while being attacked by that annoying cat. And finally, the player escapes from the burning skate park in a single, non-stop combo. The best part? All of this is playable.
  • In THAW, Mindy suggests that she could help improve the Skate Ranch. Murphy makes a sexist remark ("What, and add cute, pink, fluffy bunnies?") Her response? Whacking him with her board, causing him to land in the half-pipe below, and break his leg.