Awesome: Tobuscus

  • The Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Literal Trailer. The song is so popular that it has more views than the original trailer on Youtube!
  • Toby in a game commercial! Toby dancing in the Just Dance 3 commercial!
  • James Cameron opening Toby's Vlog! See it to believe it!
  • A GameStop TV commercial sung by Tobuscus!
  • Kids React did an episode on Tobuscus, here. As of the making of that episode (October 2011), Tobuscus is stated to be the 28th most subscribed channel on the site, and Toby has a total of 2.2 million subscribers and 440 million views across all channels!
    • In response to the above, William from Kids React gets a guest appearance on Cute Win Fail. "Hi, I'm Toby Turner, and age defying cream really works." That's a WIN, that's a 10 year old appearing in his favorite star's show WIN!
  • Toby actually managing to pay attention to what he's doing and actually build a fairly decent house in Minecraft.(dubbed Fortbuscus)
  • I Can Swing My Sword!, the Rock version.
  • Toby goes mainstream with his appearance as the only live actor in the Cartoon Network's Annoying Orange series in 2012.
    • As of the episode Sir Juicealot, this is no longer true. He's still the only recurring human in the show, though.
  • The Dramatic Song reaches number 1 in several nations in iTunes!
  • Somehow Toby chanting 'Sad Moment, Angry Moment' doesn't ruin the atmosphere of the God of War: Ascension video at all. In fact the 'Anger Moment, Angry Moment, Angry Moment' bit actually seems to fit!
  • In Tobuscus Adventures #6, Toby saves the world by slicing a Dr. Pepper Ten in half truck with a katana. Even President Obama congratulates him, because the truck would have destroyed the moon, and possibly Earth. Gabe is less than impressed.
    • #7 seems to top that, as Toby's revealed to have a wizard's cave, a time machine and a neuraizer. We're not even sure if he built them all.
  • Toby co-stars in Chester See's new club pop video, "Whistle While I Work It", which hit the top 50 of the iTunes pop charts on the first day of release. Epic dance moves!
  • In the "TIMMY TOSS" episode of Toby's Happy Wheels playthrough, the Irresponsible Dad, bike smashed and two arms off, slowly and gruelingly making his way to the finish line while declaring his dedication and love for his son in finishing the course in his honor. Making puns on the victory boxes the entire time. Also counts as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
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