Awesome / 3 Ninjas

  • Rocky, Colt and Tum Tum are surrounded by about 50 ninjas with guns. They surrender. Then their grandpa jumps from an overhead walkway in front of them, and the kids immediately jump back into fighting position because Grandpa is so awesome that he just evened the odds.
    "Hello, boys."
    "Hello, Grandpa"
  • Just the fact that until the ninjas pulled out the guns, three kids had defeated an entire room full of trained ninjas.
  • Rocky's gravity-defying, game winning slam dunk. While Colt just steps back and watches because he knows what's coming.
  • At the end of the international version, in which Rocky and Colt lost the basketball game and their bikes, while the brothers and Emily are walking home, the bullies surround them and the big one threatens to beat up Rocky. After unsuccessfully trying to get the bullies to let them go, Rocky just looks at Emily, who simple tells him, "Show off." Cue No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on the bully. As soon as Rocky is done with him, he turns to the others, who all drop the stolen bikes and run like hell. And as their taking off, the knocked out bully starts to sit up, only to be knocked right back down by Tum Tum's backpack.
    • Also while beating the bully down, the camera cuts to the shocked faces of the other bullies, and also shows Tum Tum, who yawns out of boredom, and Colt, who makes a face like he's saying, "Come on, man, wrap it up."