Awesome / The Twelve Kingdoms

  • Yoko Nakajima is traveling through a city in En, and witnesses an attack by a house-sized Youma. A mysterious stranger jumps into the street, dispatching the youma with one swift attack. When asked who he is, he gallantly replies: "I am the king of En."
  • Shushou making Shoukei bow to her. A girl who looks no older than 12 does this with two fingers.
    Shushou: "No one shall rule this country! No one but me!"
  • As for Shoukei, her throwing stones at the Wa executioners is this. Not only she was the only one willing to stand up for an innocent man who was going to die in an horrible way, but it showed her Character Development very well.
  • Kantai stopping a line of 13 or more "fortified carriages" linked together by turning into a bear and toppling them all at once, horses and all.
  • Youko facing down the manifestation of her doubts and fears... and cutting his head off.
  • We needn't forget the battle of wills between Taiki, a timid ten-year-old boy, and Gouran, a massively powerful changeling demon. Taiki wins and makes Gouran his servant.
  • Shoukei and Suzu, standing side-by-side, talk down the whole civilian population of Takuhou, who are maybe a minute or less from a full-blown panic. They pull it off by blending their respective stories with their recent revelation of the Queen of Kei's identity, making it seem as if the two simultaneous rebellions in the Wa Province (which have also put said civilians right in the line of fire) were both just part of a MASSIVE Batman Gambit by the Queen to catch some seriously corrupt bastards in their evil acts!
  • And then there's the episode when Youko stands against two entirely separate hostile army divisions, one provincial and the other royal (both of Kei). They all bow.
  • There is also Yoko's first Imperial Decree: The immediate banning of all bowing. 'Nuff said.