Awesome / The Sentinel

The TV show:

  • Blair taking out two of Kincaid's men with the weapons at his disposal: a bathroom stall door and a vending machine.
  • In the same episode, Blair claims he flew a helicopter in Desert Storm when the pilot wouldn't take the thing down. No clue if that was just bull, but still, holding the... flare gun on the pilot and forcing him to take the helicopter down was awesome, either way.
  • When Blair, chained up and freaked out, suddenly calms down and starts talking back to Lash, turning Lash's own psychobabble and insecurities back on him.
  • About any of Jim's Big Damn Heroes moments, including but not limited to, shooting up the barrel of Veronica Sarris's gun, taking a ride on a helicopter via the landing props to rescue Blair, and anytime he makes use of that special forces training.
    • And the examples listed are just from the first two episodes.
    • A specific example of the special forces training comes in an episode when Jim saves Simon and his son from a Peruvian drug factory. Complete with a montage of him putting on warpaint and gearing up for a one-man assault.
  • No mention of the time Blair manages to use social counseling and sheer niceness to convince an apartment building full of elderlies to stand up to gun-wielding gang-bangers and kick them out? Without any weapons at all? That was a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Blair and the elders!