YMMV: The Sentinel

The film

The series

  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Jim gets in major trouble for an illegal wiretap to the point the bad guy almost walks.
  • Ho Yay: Jim and Blair to the point The Sentinel fanworks are almost entirely made up of Slash Fic
    • Due to Blair's position as Jim's guide, he spends a lot of time touching Jim to keep him from zoning.
    • The actors picked up on it and played it up in the bloopers.
  • Tear Jerker: Sentinel Too pt. 1. Jim's reaction to Blair's death
  • The Woobie: Blair's big blue eyes, long curly hair, propensity for attracting trouble, and habit of accepting manly hugs of comfort from Jim after being rescued tend to get him this title from the fangirls.
  • Yaoi Fan Girl: So many. It's almost impossible to find Het or Gen in this fandom. Not that this troper is complaining.
    • The fandom also suspects that Megan is a closet yaoi fan girl.