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Awesome: The Sacred Blacksmith
  • When Cecily suggests that if Sigfried doubts the quality of Luke's Sacred Sword, then he should try to cut it. Luke's sword, planted firmly in the table, doesn't even budge when hit, but still manages to cleave through Sigfried's own blade, sending the tip flying into a diplomat's chair.
  • Luke's introduction, cleaving through a massive claymore before it could touch Cecily.
  • Cecily defeating Charolette's guards in her Heroic Rematch, finally establishing her Action Girl status.
  • In the manga, Luke's Roaring Rampage of Revenge on Siegfried is perhaps the most awesome moment to date.
    • Cecily equals it. After Siegfried's absolutely brutal beatdown and sexual assault, she doesn't just come back from her Heroic BSOD; she stands up and faces him head-on, challenging him to a duel. While she does have a silent panic attack when he grabs her wrist, she has every reason to freak out because he's touching her, and it doesn't in any way take away from how badass it was for her to stand up to him and call him out on his bullshit after what he did to her.
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