Awesome / The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge

  • The fact that a movie made twelve years ago could get a video game sequel that not only reunites a good number of the original cast, but also manages to be a case of No Problem with Licensed Games.
  • Oogie graduates from a Plot Irrelevant Villain to a Manipulative Bastard who almost takes over the seven major Holidays. His lair even goes from a mysterious casino design to a combination of a casino and HELL.
  • Dr. Finklestein's Villain Song. Its the only original song in the soundtrack, and maybe it'd be out of place in the film, but it fits right in for the game.
  • Mega/Trash Oogie. Considering it didn't seem like going One-Winged Angel was part of the plan, its safe to assume, given enough junk laying around, Oogie could have done this at ANY TIME.
  • In the final battle, Jack's Santa Suit takes a level in badass. Not particularly useful in the fight itself, but come "A Filthy Finale", it summons SNOWBALL METEORS.
  • A minor one, but it's pretty cathartic to see Jack finally calling Shock, Lock and Barrel out on their all their nastiness.
    Jack: If I've told you once I've told you twice to straighten out your act!
    You'll never get away with this and that, you BRATS is fact!
  • A Filthy Finale. All of it.