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Awesome: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
  • "That was my STEAK, Liberty!" - Tom making it very clear why Liberty steers clear of him.
    • To clarify, Tom stands his ground against Liberty to make it known he means business, while 'evening the odds' against Liberty with Pompey, and kicks one of Liberty's lackeys when he goes to pick up the steak. Then Ranse picks up the steak, Liberty leaves and Ranse delivers a What the Hell, Hero? speech to Tom.
    • A subtle one: after Liberty and his boys leave the restaurant, the open fire through the windows, causing everyone to duck. Everyone, that is, except Tom and Ranse, who both stand their ground.
  • Tom shows a glimpse of his gunslinger skills to Ranse when attempting to teach him how to shoot by nailing three paint cans in three shots and dousing Ranse in paint.
    Doniphon: "I don't like tricks, but that's what you're doing by telling me you're going up against Liberty, pilgrim."
    Ranse: "I don't like tricks either, so we're even!"
  • "Marshal? You tell Liberty...that I'll be outside."
  • Similarly, Ranse killing Liberty Valance by shooting him with his off-hand (his right arm was shot during the duel). He didn't actually kill Liberty Valance. Tom and Pompey were in an alleyway watching the duel, and Tom shot Liberty at the same time Ranse and Liberty shot each other. The setup made it look like Ranse killed Liberty, so he got the credit.
  • Ranse attempts to disappear after Cassius Starbuckle demonizes him by calling him a murderer of a honest citizen and implying that he's not even close to the same caliber as Abraham Lincoln. Tom finds him and delivers a What the Hell, Hero? speech to Ranse while revealing that he was the real killer of Liberty Valance.
"Hallie's your girl now. Go back in there and take that nomination. You taught her how to read and write; now give her something to read and write about!"
  • When Tom starts drinking at the bar after shooting Liberty, he gets mad at Liberty's mooks trying to paint Liberty as a hero and Ranse as a cold-blooded murderer. He throws one of them out of the bar, and then when the other one pulls a gun on him, he disarms him and pistol-whips him with his own gun, knocking him out cold.
  • While it was based on a lie,, Ransom went on to do great things as Senator thanks to his reputation as the man who shot Liberty Valance.
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