Heartwarming: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

  • Pompey, who's heavily implied to be a freed slave, recites the Declaration of Independence at the schoolhouse with a picture of Abraham Lincoln on the wall behind him. He freezes up when he gets to "...that all men are created equal," so Ranse finishes it for him.
    Pompey: "We hold these truths to be self-evident..."
    Ranse: "...that all men are created equal." That's fine, Pompey.
    Pompey: I knew that, Mr. Ranse, but I just plum forgot it.
    Ranse: That's alright, Pompey. A lot of people forgot that part.
  • Ranse and Hallie attending Tom Doniphon's funeral. The significance only becomes apparent once you know the truth behind the movie's title.

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