Heartwarming / The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

  • Pompey, who's heavily implied to be a freed slave, recites the Declaration of Independence at the schoolhouse with a picture of Abraham Lincoln on the wall behind him. He freezes up when he gets to "...that all men are created equal," so Ranse finishes it for him.
    Pompey: "We hold these truths to be self-evident..."
    Ranse: "...that all men are created equal." That's fine, Pompey.
    Pompey: I knew that, Mr. Ranse, but I just plum forgot it.
    Ranse: That's alright, Pompey. A lot of people forgot that part.
  • Ranse and Hallie attending Tom Doniphon's funeral. The significance only becomes apparent once you know the truth behind the movie's title.
    • Ranse's Tranquil Fury when he demands the undertaker give the late Tom his boots, spurs, and gun belt back. For all that happened, Ranse will be darned if he's going to let Tom be buried without the dignity he deserved.