Even a game trilogy as infamous and silly as the UsefulNotes/PhilipsCDi Zelda games have some pretty awesome moments, as these examples will attest.

* How about Link defeating his powerful archnemesis Ganon by simply throwing a book at him? And Zelda gets to do this in her own game by defeating Ganon with a simple wand?
* Heck, how about the fact that Zelda herself, the person the whole series is named after and usually delegated to being a DamselInDistress, is not only made playable (something Nintendo never did until ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSpiritTracks'' many years later) but got two entire games all to herself in this series?
* Militron's BadassBoast "Now, you must DIE!" and his strong pose during the phrase is quite a standout in an otherwise very silly game, because it actually comes off as an intimidating line acted with conviction.
* King Harkanian gets a chance to establish himself as Hyrule's powerful ruler in the ending of Wand of Gamelon, by blowing off the traitorous Duke Onkled's plea for mercy by sentencing him to scrub every single floor in Hyrule. Keep in mind, this implies he has to scrub the floors of the dungeons in Hyrule too--the "filled to the brim with killer monsters" dungeons. The King is by proxy sending the Duke off to his death!