Awesome / The Jetsons

In the movie:

  • George has his two greatest moments ever. First:
    • George:"No! SIR! Mr Spacely!"
    • And immediately afterwards, he risks death and dismemberment by entering the machinery to shut down the drill that is killing the Grungies.
    • The speech he hits Spacely with immediately after he shuts down the drill is a work of art, as well.
  • In what combines as this and a Tear Jerker in real life, George O'Hanlon, then greatly impaired due to partial blindness and short term memory loss from a stroke, struggled on to play the role of George, managing to finish his final line just before passing away in the recording studio. Hanna-Barbera alum Iwao Takamoto related the moment in the book My Life with a Thousand Characters.
    • Similarly Mel Blanc, who voiced his role as Mr Spacely more or less on his death bed. This wasn't his only voice role at the time either.
  • In the series we have Rosie, in her debut episode, dumping a pineapple upside-down cake over Mr. Spacely's head after he yelled at and fired George in front of the family. He later apologized hired George back and even gave him a raise so he could afford to keep Rosie, noting she made the best pineapple upside-down cake that he had ever been clobbered with (he was revealed to still be eating it).
  • The CGI. Of course, the effects are dated nowadays, but back in 1990, these computer animated scenes were amazing.
  • The entire opening, from the Mickey Mousing Hanna-Barbera vanity plate to John Debney's awesome re-arrangement of the theme song.
  • Say what you want about the Jetsons/WWE movie, it still has a lot of stand out moments. For example, Jane immediately goes into Mama Bear mode when Big Show sends the Sheamus bot after Judy and Elroy. That would've been good enough, but it's then followed up by George flying in on his hovercraft, and smashing the robot! That is awesome! His comeback is also really funny.