Awesome / The Jetsons

In the movie:

  • George has his two greatest moments ever. First:
    • George:"No! SIR! Mr Spacely!"
    • And immediately afterwards, he risks death and dismemberment by entering the machinery to shut down the drill that is killing the Grungies.
  • In what combines as this and a Tear Jerker in real life, George O'Hanlon, then greatly impaired due to partial blindness and short term memory loss from a stroke, struggled on to play the role of George, managing to finish his final line just before passing away in the recording studio. Hanna-Barbera alum Iwao Takamoto related the moment in the book My Life with a Thousand Characters.
    • Similarly Mel Blanc, who voiced his role as Mr Spacely more or less on his death bed. This wasn't his only voice role at the time either.
  • In the series we have Rosie, in her debut episode, dumping a pineapple upside-down cake over Mr. Spacely's head after he yelled at and fired George in front of the family. He later apologized hired George back and even gave him a raise so he could afford to keep Rosie, noting she made the best pineapple upside-down cake that he had ever been clobbered with (he was revealed to still be eating it).
  • The CGI. Of course, the effects are dated nowadays, but back in 1990, these computer animated scenes were amazing.
  • The entire opening, from the Mickey Mousing Hanna-Barbera vanity plate to John Debney's awesome re-arrangement of the theme song.