Awesome / The Hold Steady

  • "We're gonna build something this summer."
    • "This summer!"
  • The song "Knuckles" paints the month of December as a very dismal time period by use of a metaphor describing five live spiders trapped inside a web. This continues until the music drops out and comes back in at the revelation that Craig Finn lied about about the spiders dying, with an Epic Riff to boot.
    "The last guy didn't really die!
    And the first four didn't really die!
  • This lyric from "Most People Are DJs:"
    "A thousand kids will fall in love in all these clubs tonight
    a thousand other kids will end up gushing blood tonight
    two thousand kids won't get all that much sleep tonight
    two thousand kids— they still feel pretty sweet tonight!"
  • "We had some massive nights..."