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* "We're gonna build something this summer."
** "This summer!"
* The song "Knuckles" paints the month of December as a very dismal time period by use of a metaphor describing five live spiders trapped inside a web. This continues until the music drops out and comes back in at the revelation that Craig Finn lied about about the spiders dying, with an EpicRiff to boot.
-->"The last guy didn't really die!
-->[[ILied I just lied!]]
-->And the first four didn't really die!
-->[[ILied I just lied!]]"
* This lyric from "Most People Are [=DJs=]:"
-->"A thousand kids will fall in love in all these clubs tonight
-->a thousand other kids will end up gushing blood tonight
-->two thousand kids won't get all that much sleep tonight
-->two thousand kids-- they still feel pretty sweet tonight!"
* "We had some massive nights..."
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