Awesome / The Good Guys

  • How do you make the last few moments of the season ( and sadly the series ) Awesome? Have the two main characters admit how awesome their jobs are, hop in a Firebird, peel out, and do a Duke boys jump in the middle of Downtown Dallas. All set to AC/DC. Yeah.
  • Even the bad guys get these. Take Dolph from episode 7. The heist he planned was foiled and his crew thought he double-crossed them and turns against him. He kills them all single-handed. Too bad his heart gave out.
  • Dan foiling the car heist ring in episode 2. The bad guys run away and he shoots a propane tank and the explosion knocks them unconscious.
    "You don't mess with another man's ride!"
  • Meta-example for natives of the DFW Metroplex: Series creator Matt Nix chose Dallas as the setting because he described Dallas as a "city where you want to see the skyline in the background of every shot."