Trivia: The Good Guys

  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Did Josh Lyman became a cop after the end of the Bartlet administration?
    • And Will Bailey joined Internal Affairs.
    • Nina the Demon from Reaper apparently became Assistant DA after it got canceled.
    • And the devil is a senator.
    • Danny Trejo as... well, the same role he always plays, along with Newman/Nedry and Seymour.
    • And guess who plays Stark's ex-partner, Frank Savage? GARY COLE. (who's also Sarah's father, Kim Possible's father, a voice on Family Guy, and numerous other works, including 'Bingo' Bob Russell, Bartlet's VP!)
    • It seems Neelix got stranded back in time and became a forensics expert.
    • Spencer got over his mental illness... and became a felon.
    • Victor or Daniel (depending on whether you're from Burn Notice or Stargate) pretend to be part of the Dalla Strike Force on off-days apparently.
    • And apparently Anson is evil no matter what show he's on.
    • Randy apparently moved to Texas and is still an idiot man child.
  • Hey, It's That Place!: Naturally, any series taking place in Dallas will feature that floofy dandelion building as an establishing shot.