Awesome / The Finder

  • The first episode opens with Walter recovering a guitar belonging to Jon Fogerty, who appears as himself, performing an awesome rendition of "Fortunate Son."
  • The client in the Pilot, Cooper, gets one for fighting the two cartel enforcers despite being outnumbered and getting kicked in the sides repeatedly and THEN getting up again and fighting until the rest come to the rescue.
  • Willa effortlessly disarming the casino owner who was holding a gun to her head.
  • Walter taking over a hypnosis session and directing it to his own ends.
  • Walter's "Human Search Engine": i.e. asking Leo, Willa, Timo, and Willa's probation officer what they remembered from a video all of them (except Timo) had seen, combined with their general knowledge of the area to figure out where the video was taken.
  • In the season 1 finale, Walter disarming and taking down three armed hitmen like the badass Army veteran he is.