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Walter found the aliens all right...but they made sure he'd never tell anyone
...by making him one of them. He's still in his body, but he's totally under the control of the alien parasite they put in his head. Hodgins is one of them, too, though he's on decent terms with his parasite, and they came up with a way to end things that wouldn't seem completely out of character for Walter and cause suspicion. The mysterious Pope was one of them, though it's hard to say about the other guy, the one with the glasses. Jack and his slug pal are struggling because they're double agents and desperately want to find a way to get the word out but without being detected-which would get Jack a partner who wouldn't be as friendly as his current one. Oh, and the aliens are in the Jeffersonian too. Booth, Brennan and Cullen. (ok yes this troper is doing a Bones/Animorphs cross fic and this ep is amusing to try and work into it.)
  • No, no, no. They're Time Lords, obviously.

Walter was in the same Special Forces unit as Augie.
They can't meet EVER again because having someone with Walters compulsion in Langley gives the entire Seventh Floor panic attacks.

We will find how the Cliffhanger gets got sorted out on another crossover...
Maybe it would involve a case of multiple skeletons at a Gypsy commune that would bring back Willa. One of the skeletons would be a missing bailjumper that vanished that would bring back Isabel who has now taking up a job as a bounty hunter. When the Bailjumper is revealed to be connected to something stolen from the Hider she will make a deal with Leo to release a near catatonic Walter to track down a certain rifle that has historic importance...

The second season premire will be a crossover with Ranma1/2
Pantyhose Taro will go to bar and ask for the whereabouts of the Demon Master who sleeps beneath the Beer Stone.

Walter Sherman is an untrained Lore Master
I've become a real big fan of The Finder and I've been wondering do you think maybe Walter Sherman an untrained lore master. That maybe surviving a roadside bomb explosion didn't give him brain damage but unlocked portions of his psyche allowing him to instantly access the akashic field. So he finds things the way Lotion the younger found Nodoka in A Tale of Two Wallets. This could explain his skepticism to Christianity. This could also be why he has a set time limit. Since he's not accustomed to accessing the akashic field and doesn't even know he's doing it so the longer it takes him to find something the longer he's connected to the field and without any training to filter it out the akshic energy it begins to overwhelm him.
  • That sounds reasonable. I can't say I have heard of the show, but then I avoid FOX like the plague now days, so I can't speak for the mechanics of the show, but how you stated it makes sense to me.

Walter will find Hodgins' money
Nobody else will be able to find out where Pelant hid it.

Walter doesn't stay in jail/prison for long
He did help the President of the United States find something. The photo seems more like a souvenir than payment. Walter's going to get a presidential pardon and run off the finish finding the the painting.