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Awesome: The Fifth Element
Let's face it. This entire film is a Crowning Moment Of Awesome for Luc Besson. However, here are some specific awesome moments.

  • "Anybody else want to negotiate?"
  • A non-action moment: The alien diva's opera number.
    • Goes double for not only being awesome in its own right, but also because most people wouldn't think it being humanly possible to sing even remotely like that, cue to the power of Youtube and...
      • The actress singing it didn't think it was possible. And for her it wasn't, they utilized several Auto Tunes-like-tricks to work it out in post. She was even told that they intentionally did it that way since the character singing it wasn't human and the song was "beyond the human range".
      • That and Word of God is that it wasn't possible - it took using 5 or 6 singers to get the sound right.
      • A certain young lady from Ukraine would beg to disagree.
  • Leeloo KO'ing a group of armed Rubber Forehead Aliens counts as well.
    • Made even better by the fact that those last two happen at the same time.
  • Another behind-the-scenes bit of awesome: how easy would it be to just ad-lib a bunch of vaguely sounding alien gibberish spoken extremely quickly? Pretty easy right? Except they actually came up with a basic but fully functional Mondochiwan language to the point that Milla and Luc's written notes to each other were in said language to keep it fresh in their minds.
    • Actually, it wasn't the Mondichiwan language they created, it was the Divine Language. I think the Mondichiwen's language really was just a bunch of grunts. Here's a site dedicated to the language:
  • Zorg doesn't look at explosions. He just enjoys a draw on his cigarette while his henchman dives for cover.
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