Awesome / The Aquabats! Super Show!

  • A brief moment during the climax of Manant. One of the giant ants bites Jimmy's arm off. So, what does he do? Take it back, and smack the thing on the head with it!
  • Any time Eaglebones Falconhawk summons The Dude.
  • The MC Bat Commander in Cowboy Android, stealing a cheeseball to attract the flying mole bat that the Aquabats had failed to get out of the mine in the beginning of the episode and throwing it at the Cowboy Android, causing the monster to destroy it. Not only did he save the day, he made up for the failure to get the monster out due to his previous lack of planning. It Makes Sense in Context. Maybe. Still awesome.
  • Jimmy The Robot MacGyvering a giant Arm Cannon out of materials found in a convenience store to battle the Floating Eye of Death.
  • Really, all of the first season finale.
    • To be more specific, we get the Aquabats! single-handedly saving the entire world by taking down a cosmic-level villain who had killed two other outsmarting it.
      • Outsmarting him was all well and good, but there's something stupidly satisfying about seeing Crash deck the guy in the face.
      • After Space Monster M turns the tide on the tide on the team, his bellowing taunts seem more like he's trying to salvage his dignity.
  • In Return of the Aquabats, Ronmark returns and is taunting Crash. Eaglebones decides to help set Crash's Berserk Button off by unscrewing Jimmy's head so Crash grows big and then chucks Ronmark into the sky.
  • Ricky Fitness pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment to save The Aquabats! from the Anti-Bat's. In a drum powered helicopter that shoots drumsticks.
    • Crash gets one during the second fight with the Anti-Bats, knocking one of their motorcycle, then picking them up and slamming them into the side of the battle tram. Surprisingly hardcore...
  • Crash rescuing his friends at the end of "The Thingy!"
    Crash: Who're you calling a coward?
  • The Shark Fighter making his show debut in "The Shark Fighter!" Played by Rhys Darby to boot.