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Recap: The Aquabats Super Show S 1 E 3 Eagle Claw

EagleClaw Falconhawk: Oh, you- you still don't get it, do you? You have no idea what it was like growing up — it was always about you, never about me...but, not anymore. This time, it's all about me...and my EAGLE CLAWS! (clawing motions)
Eaglebones Falconhawk: (chuckles) Sorry, bro, I don't know if you've heard, but I kinda play a mean laser-powered guitar now. (powers on laser guitar)
EagleClaw: You're not the only one.
(cue guitar duel WITH LASERS)

Somewhere, at a rock music concert...

Eagleboness' popularity is going to his head; playing overly long guitar solos, being rude to his bandmates, and even throwing away gifts given to him by his fans. Fortunately, one of those gifts happens to be a rather obvious bomb, planted by none other than his own brother, Eagleclaw.

While his friends offer to help, Eaglebones insists that they'd only slow him down, and rides off on a motorcycle to confront his brother. Upon meeting, Eagleclaw reveals that his turn to evil was sparked when Eaglebones stole the attention of a girl he liked back when they were kids. Revealing he also has a laser powered guitar, the two engage in a duel before Eagleclaw triumphs.

When Eaglebones awakens, he is met with the image of the Sun Spirit, who advises him to cool his ego down and open up to his friends. As well as this, he gives him the power to summon his spirit animal, an invisible bird named The Dude. Promising to better himself, Eaglebones returns to the Battletram and accepts his friends offers to help battle his brither.

Travelling to the site of Eagleclaw's start of darkness, a fairground, Eaglebones engages his brother in a second duel while the rest of the band play backup. Unfortunately Eagleclaw again beats his brother, and continued to blast the rest of the team down. At the last minute, Eaglebones uses The Dude to steal his brothers guitar and smash it on the ground, leaving him unable to deal the finishing blow.

While surprised that they made it out alive, the rest of the team laugh at Eaglebones belief that he used an invisible bird to do it.


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