Awesome: Tales from Dimwood Forest

  • Poppy (a deer mouse) vs. Mr. Ocax (a great horned owl). Poppy wins.
  • Ereth doing the Big Damn Hero part in Poppy and Rye, turning the tide singlehandedly in the battle against the beavers.
    • And then the mice dislodge the boulder, sending it rolling down and flying over the heads of all the onlookers, to land with a resounding and very satisfying crash on the beavers' dam.
  • Ragweed rallying all the mice together to fight the cats in Ragweed. They proceed to squirt the cats repeatedly with a hose, washing them back into the sewers.
    • Blinker staying on his feet while he and Ragweed are trapped in a rolling bottle and running the two of them to safety.
    • Clutch hitting Silversides in the nose with her guitar and Ragweed jamming Clutch's skateboard into the cat's mouth.
  • The fox kits coming to Ereth's rescue in Ereth's Birthday.
    • The kits' plan to expose the trappers' traps. They build a giant snowball and roll it out in front of them. When a trap is triggered, it "catches" only the snowball and is harmlessly sprung. On top of that, the snowball leaves behind a safe trail to walk on in the future.
  • Ereth and Ragweed Junior driving a bulldozer in Poppy's Return. It was an accident, but they drove a bulldozer, and in doing so they demolished Gray House, inadvertently solving the mice's dilemma.
    • Later on Junior's friends scare away a construction worker.
  • Poppy saving Ereth (who has become mired in mud) in Poppy and Ereth. She picks up stones and piles them into a birds' nest at the tip of a branch, allowing the branch to dip down far enough for Ereth to reach.
    • The colony of bats flying in to airlift the mice and Ereth from the forest fire.