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Heartwarming: Tales from Dimwood Forest
  • Ereth teaching himself to smile in order to mourn Poppy's apparent death is oddly funny, heartwarming, and tear jerking all at once.
    • The ending of Poppy and Ereth. Poppy and Spruce are flown off by the bats on an adventure. Ereth stays behind, resenting this turn of events for a bit, then touches his nose and races off after them.
  • Lilly making up with Poppy, and becoming the new head of the family in Poppy's Return.
  • At the end of Poppy, Poppy's new family and Ereth dancing under the tree Ragweed "planted".
  • Ereth gradually warming up to the fox kits in Ereth's Birthday.
    • The kits coming back to rescue him at the end.
    Nimble: Dad is fun, but you're the one who takes care of us.
    • Poppy and Rye presenting Ereth with his birthday present (a block of salt).
  • "You're the salt of the earth!"
  • Poppy and Rye's wedding at the end of Poppy and Rye.
    • "But Ereth never did wash his nose."
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