Funny / Tales from Dimwood Forest

  • Ereth teaching himself to smile in order to mourn Poppy's apparent death is oddly funny, heartwarming, and tear jerking all at once.
    • Brian Floca's illustration of Ereth drawing the corners of his mouth back with his paws sells it.
  • Ereth's rants in general.
  • Mr. Ocax's fabricated claims about porcupines being bloodthirsty killers of mice, and Poppy's later discovery to the contrary.
  • When he overhears a trapper claiming to be "hungry enough to eat a porcupine", Ereth eats his way through an axe handle and fills a snowmobile seat with quills. When the trappers discover his doing one jokingly suggests to the first that a porcupine might have heard his earlier remark and taken revenge.