Awesome / The Rescuers
  • The origins of the Rescue Aid Society itself, from that first act of willingly putting their lives on the line to help those in danger is pretty impressive for mice.
  • Penny's, what, six to eight years old? She gets to drive Medusa's jet-powered swamp skimmer in the escape sequence. If you think a child driving a Cool Boat is awesome, wait 'til you see Medusa turn her pet crocs into water skis. (Cue demotivational posters about Disney encouraging minors to drive vehicles. "Remember, kids: never drive a boat through a swamp if your abusive guardian is behind you on crocodiles.")
    • Speaking of Penny, the fact that she's not only not afraid of Brutus and Nero (unlike the adult Snoops), but is able to keep her cool even when Medusa is pointing a gun at her. This little girl has guts.