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The voice (Shelby Flint) singing the somber songs in this movie, is either Penny's singing voice, or what her singing voice will sound like when she gets older.
  • Jackie Evancho proves that even little girls can have singing voices beyond their years...
    • Either that or it's merely being sung by a Penny-esque perspective...
    • Perhaps Penny grows up to become a folk singer.

Cody from The Rescuers Down Under is Cody Martin
  • I mean think about it! They're both blond, sorta timid and obviously American. I think that he was taken by his dad to Australia because that's the only place where he could get a gig. Cody wanders away, gets found by the poacher and goes on the adventure. His parents, finding out what had happened, takes him back to America. And Cody, obviously scarred by the adventure, never ever wants to think about it again.
    • I wouldn't call Cody timid.
      • Cody doesn't live with his dad, but with his mom. He even clearly tells Marahute that his dad is "gone". And if this theory is true, then where was Zack during the events of the movie? Cody never mentions him.

Cody's father was a ranger.

Even for a young, impressionable, naive kid who has the whole Australian outback as his playground, Cody seems very attached to and concerned about the animals, and he is constantly throwing the threat of the rangers in MacLeach's face; this suggests at the very least that Cody has either been taught by his mother or teachers a great respect for rangers, or he's seen them in action. If his father was a ranger, though, this would explain Cody's feelings and loyalty in a more personal manner, particularly if his father was killed by one of the poachers he was hunting down. (No, not necessarily MacLeach, who might have recognized Cody or who might have recognized him, though it could have been.) This could also explain the mysterious ability Cody has to talk to animals (assuming it isn't some special talent only children have), if it's a talent rangers have and Cody inherited it.

Cody's mother is actually her stepmother.
Considering he has an American accent, he was actually born and raised in America, while moving to Australia with his biological dad.

The star of faith was actually Penny's birth mother (and/or father, but it would seem more likely to be her mother) giving her signals of hope or comfort from Heaven.

There actually is a mouse United Nations, the Rescue Aid Society just uses the same room for it's meetings.
It would make more sense, after all why would saving troubled humans be such a high priority for mice as a whole?
  • Why would it be a priority to the mice as a whole ? Because that's cute and heartwarming.
    • That being said, a more detailed guess: mice happened to attend to a United Nations reunion and found that they were utterly ineffective, and they said that they could do better.
      • P.S.: Your original idea is still a very nice guess.

Of course Kyubey contracted with Penny at one point.
Or at least in another timeline.

Her Witch form might be Albertine. Albertine's imagery suggests that she was young, and perhaps rather lonely. Plus Albertine obviously liked drawing, and one scene prominently showed a drawing of Penny with parents.

McLeach is the villain from Wolf Creek.
Or perhaps related to him or an apprentice. Cody should thank his lucky stars he managed to escape...
  • McLeachobviously has an American accent. Perhaps he and McLeach were buddies during Vietnam who went mad there. (Wolf Creek's sequel establishes that the villain served in Vietnam.)

Penny from The Rescuers and Jenny from Oliver and Company are related.

There's a rumor among Disney fans that Jenny was supposed to be Penny in The Rescuers. And had Penny (or Jenny) been made into an Action Girl instead of a timid little kid, The Rescuers would've done much better. But in the absence of that, it's entirely possible the two girls are related. Their names are one letter off, both are a Friend to All Living Things, and both find themselves in need of rescue from Ax-Crazy villains, courtesy of sentient animals (note, a couple of mice and a street animal gang with a kitten for a main character, hello)! Considering that Jenny is a bit older and don't look much alike (Penny's a blonde, Jenny's a redhead, Penny has brown eyes and Jenny has blue), it's likely the two girls are cousins. Penny, who was adopted at the end of The Rescuers, was likely taken in by Jenny's possibly less wealthy uncle and aunt. Both girls even live in New York, and both possibly live in Manhattan.

McLeach is a Serial Killer.
1) The crocodiles immediately gather below Cody, as though they're learned to associate dangling humans with food.

2) The radio report states that Crocodile Falls has claimed yet another victim.
  • Everything suggests Cody wasn't the first person McLeach tried to feed to crocodiles, merely the last.
Bianca has psychic powers
Hence why she chose Bernard to be her co-agent when he had no experience of being an agent

The Rescuers takes place in the same universe as Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers and maybe The Great Mouse Detective and other films with these movies' mice such as Cinderella.
The usage of common manmade items for the small folk is just like in Rescue Rangers.
  • (This is actually because "Rescue Rangers" was originally supposed to be a The Rescuers TV series until the executives said that The Rescuers wasn't popular enough to get a profiting TV series, and that it would work better with Chip'n'Dale. There are some things left of it including the name.

Marahute can talk
She just prefers not to, for whatever reason. Cody, being Cody, can still understand her, though.