[[AC: Version 1]]
* Jack O'Connor, managing to crash the terrorists' computer systems entirely with his virus, taking out all the cameras and the V1 ending off the air. [[spoiler: Unfortunately this happened, how shall we say? Somewhat late...]]
** He also gets another ''posthumous'' crowning moment of awesome when his virus is reintroduced to the terrorists' systems, poleaxing them ''again'', this happening in version 3 - [[MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning more than two years after Jack's death]].
* Adam Dodd's fights with [[AxCrazy Cody Jenson]] and [[MadeOfIron Jacob Starr]] could count, particularly since they were among Adam's biggest rivals in the game (in the second and first half respectively).
** Specially Adam's last action against Cody:
--> ''Stapled to a tree was Cody Jenson, [[ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice a sword through his chest]], and '''[[PayEvilUntoEvil 'RAPIST' carved]] [[MoodWhiplash into his]] [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment chest]]'''''

[[AC: Version 2]]
* Bryan Calvert ''dropkicking'' Felix Travertil off a roof, causing him to smash through the skylight of the adjoining antebuilding. Badass? Why yes, yes he is. The incident is famous enough that his handler (the real life Bryan) has a picture of himself dropkicking a tree.

[[AC: Version 3]]
* Darnell Butler laying out 'Boxer' Carvalho, who was more than seven foot tall, and built like a brick wall, in what amounted to one punch. This coming after Darnell just killed ''three'' people who attacked him. BewareTheNiceOnes indeed...
** For reference, Darnell is a foot shorter and almost one hundred pounds lighter than Boxer.
* Sean O'Cann's very DeadpanSnarker -esque sarcastic comments when cornered inside a room between two of the island's resident murderers: Gabriel Theobaldt and Dominica Sharpiro, are his CrowningMomentOfAwesome.
-->'''Sean:''' You see why I call the guy a lunatic? * he frowns, having been called a ''young virgin metrosexual'* Hey, enough about my sex life: just concede that I have a far higher chance at getting laid than either of you and be done with it. Hell, it would be a minor miracle if Gabriel could meet any woman and spend more than a minute without disembowling her. * He looks at Dominica* And rest assured, I would come up with a suitably witty remark concerning you, however, I have no fucking clue who you are.
* CharacterDerailment notwithstanding, the [[FiveManBand SADD]] vs. Blood Boy (one of the bigger villains of the first half of version 3) fight was one of the most action packed and all-around awesome moments of the third game so far. Read it [[http://z10.invisionfree.com/SOTF_V2/index.php?showtopic=2430&st=0 here]] (the action starts at around page 4).
** In addition to this, the scene also manages to encompass a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming ''and'' TearJerker.
* Speaking of SADD, [[AntiVillain Bobby Jacks']] encounter with the group is definitely one of his best moments. Keeping his cool in the face of a giant MexicanStandoff (Bobby vs. Everyone else) Bobby manages to calm down the situation, and when things finally go to hell, both walk out of the fight completely unscathed ''and'' kill three people, granting him the distinction of being the only guy to pick a fight with SADD (the largest group in ''SurvivalOfTheFittest'' v1-3) and come out on top. [[http://z10.invisionfree.com/SOTF_V2/index.php?showtopic=2564&st=15 The Thread]].
* When you finally learn about what happened to the students in V3 that disappeared... Especially Bill's HeroicSacrifice (along with Darnell Butler, John Sheppard, Jessica Jones and Derrick Taggart). The explosion? That was him destroying the armoury and [[TakingYouWithMe taking]] '''[[TakingYouWithMe an entire fucking platoon]]''' [[TakingYouWithMe of]] [[{{Mooks}} Danya's soldiers]] [[TakingYouWithMe with him]]. Then comes the final battle on the beach, which [[BolivianArmyEnding ends on a cliffhanger]]. '''EPIC'''.
* [[spoiler: Maxie Dasai's murder of Rizzolo in the epilogue.]]

[[AC: Version 4]]
* It's still early in the game yet, but the entirety of Ethan Kent's [[spoiler:SelfSacrificeScheme]] in [[http://s10.zetaboards.com/SOTF_V2/topic/7304776/ The House of the Rising Sun]] definitely sets a solid precedent.
-->'''Ethan:''' "If Iím going to die, I want to be taken out by the final boss, not by some kid from the chess club. I donít want any of your circuitous bullshit about a classmate killing me. In the end, itís you. If you hadnít done this to us, they wouldnít be killing. Even if they kill, itís still you in the end. I donít want you to be able to hide behind a scared kid. I want my blood on YOUR hands. I ''deserve'' to be killed by you."
* Eve Walker-Luther also earned one at the hands of [[spoiler: Sarah Atwell]]. This is when she's being [[ColdBloodedTorture tortured]].
--> '''Eve:''' "[[FacingTheBulletsOneLiner Come on! I deserve better than this! Kill me properly!]]"
* There's also JJ Sturn, who [[spoiler: dies ruthlessly beating up his killer, Jimmy Brennan, going so far as to break Jimmy's nose. '''[[ImmuneToBullets After]]''' [[ImmuneToBullets being shot in the stomach]].]]
* [[PerkyGoth Anna Chase]] spends most of her game listening to all her friends dying each day (sometimes even watching them die herself). Come Day 9, she finally finds her only friend left, and said friend is almost about to be killed by new killer Kitty Gittschall. [[BewareTheNiceOnes Chase decides she's not going to take it anymore, and finally stops her friend's death by]] '''''[[BewareTheNiceOnes hitting her over the head with a shovel and screaming at her to get out.]]''''' May not sound as impressive as many other feats, but keep in mind that Chase is a 5-foot-tall girl against a known killer with a gun and a baseball bat.
** Also from the same scene, after hearing the commotion mentioned above? [[BigDamnHeroes In comes Peter Siu. With a gun. And also bitching out Kitty.]] At this point Kitty acknowledges she's pretty much trapped if she doesn't leave.
* Kimberly Nguyen fulfilling her promise of taking revenge on Kris Hartmann and stabbing her to death in retaliation for having wounded her in the arm on their first day on the island.
* Somewhat more minor, but Aston Bennett finding [[spoiler: Quincy Jones]] after declaring revenge due to him killing [[spoiler:Joshua Krakowski]] and (with a bit of help from [[BigDamnHeroes Joe Rios]]) '''[[BewareTheNiceOnes annihilating him.]]'''
-->[[WorldOfCardboardSpeech "And who better to null my own pain than the only person I truly hate on this island? You disgust me that much."]]

-->Her hand strayed purposefully. She fired the gun at [[spoiler: Quincy]]'s downed arm, shooting through his elbow.

-->"Hand slipped." She said, her face cold and unreadable. "The next one won't miss."
* Dorian getting tired of all the shit that Mr. Danya has put him through and finally [[spoiler: [[HeelFaceturn switching sides]] after [[TheDogBitesBack shooting him in the chest and presumably killing him]] just as STAR [[StormingTheCastle stormed the island]] and managed to save around thirty kids from the final hundred... which happened to be a moment of awesome in itself.]]
* No matter how you feel about the [[FridgeLogic mechanics behind it]], let's face it; Liz Polanski [[spoiler:deactivating her collar using melted aluminum]] is freaking awesome. To get an idea, it incited a MassOhCrap from the terrorists. Even with what comes after (Danya [[spoiler:randomly killing characters and later sending a death squad to the island for both this and her destroying cameras afterwards]]) it still has that punch.

[[AC:Version 5]]
* Harry Hanley was one of a slew of characters to get inactive killed following the V5 crash. How does he get to go out? By [[spoiler:taking out then-top killer Max Sawyer and another murderer in a DyingMomentOfAwesome.]] Not bad for a character with less than ten posts total.
** Sawyer wasn't exactly a slouch himself, coming off [[spoiler:killing three people]] in the space of about five minutes and having it in him to [[spoiler:take out both his ambushers]] before he finally keeled over.

[[AC:Version 6]]
* [[ShrinkingViolet Cass Prince]] just witnessed the death of Travis Lynch, who kept them company since they first woke up on the island, and is now faced with an utterly remorseless Jerry Fury and his accomplice, who both threaten Cass to give up Trav's belongings or get killed also. [[spoiler:They TakeAThirdOption by punching Jerry right in the face and running off with the supplies, taking a minor injury but otherwise getting away free.]]

* In ''The Program'' v2, Maxim Senders comes across Chris Brooks on the first day. Having robbed someone before, Maxim tries to do a "repeat performance". Only, though, Chris has this to say about it:
--> "Fuck you." Chris said holding up [[FlippingTheBird his bloody middle finger]] to Maxim's face. He wasn't going to let someone try and intimidate him. Not when he was in a life and death game.
* In ''Virtua'' v1, "Big Mike" Gibraltar is facing Brian Larke. Mike has a cake, Brian has a shotgun. What does Mike do? Run at Brian and smash the cake in his face. He doesn't get very far before getting killed, but it's still one of the most audacious ways to attack someone.
--> ''When I get to Heaven, I am so telling Anton that I threw a cake at Brian.''