Awesome / Super Troopers

  • In the opening minutes, when Rabbit and Ramathorn pull over a couple of stoners. The troopers fake them out by thinking they're getting off easy and driving away. However, the second one of the stoners tries to make a Badass Boast, their squad car slams on the brakes, flies into reverse, peels out as it backs up, then slams into gear and pulls up behind the stoners. They demand they pull over, despite their pleas of that he "can't pull over any further!"
    • The end of the movie makes it better, where they've lost their jobs as Vermont state troopers. The end up having to deliver a keg to the stoners' house, who are having a party. At first, all the stoners freak out, recognizing the "cops", but they get reassured that Rabbit and Ramathorn are cops no longer, and no longer care. Then, they start harassing them, even though they've agreed to let them keep the keg. This goes on for a couple minutes, until one looks at the other... "Shall we?" "Let's." They both rip off their delivery guy uniforms to show their Spurbury local police uniforms underneath, and start arresting everyone in sight.
  • Grady: Are you drunk?
    • Add to that:
    O'Hagan: (still drunk) Two-time Navy boxing champion! Tag him, and bag him.
  • Mac's bulletproof cup. Dude straight up took gunshots to the junk! And laughed!
  • Meta-example: when Broken Lizard put an Indiegogo page up to fund a sequel to the movie, the $2,000,000 goal was raised in 26 hours. By the time the campaign was over, they'd more than doubled the amount.