Awesome / Stupid Mario Brothers

  • Luigi and Waluigi's fight in Episode 29
  • All of Episode 44; especially seeing as Richard was losing sleep to get it out as soon as possible
  • Not to mention Wario's fight with the Darkness.
  • Let's just say all of Act II Part 3 is a Crowning Moment of Awesome
  • Let's not forget Luigi's creative solution in Episode 22, Part 3.
  • Snake and Liquid's final fight to the death on the railroad tracks.
    • Snake and Liquid's SECOND final fight.
  • In Episode 59, Shadow Mario's back, baby!
  • Snake kills the back from the dead Tommy Vercetti.
    Snake: I'm sick and tired of people coming back from the dead for no reason. This time I'm going to kill you and you're going to stay that way.
    Tommy: Oh, I don't think so.
    (Snake opens fire)
  • Waluigi Vs. Blaire Vherestorm: After taking out Snake and the pirates, Blaire turns his attention to Waluigi. Waluigi warns him that he's going to make this brief. Then he unleashes the Mega-Fireball. He also stabs him dead with his lightsaber. Considering this is probably the first major victory for the heroes in the War, this was pretty awesome.
  • The battle against the Pirates and the Ninja in the finale, with a healthy dose of funny moments sprinkled in.