Funny / Stupid Mario Brothers

  • Max Payne's first appearance.
    • Wario and Waluigi's singing contest in that same episode.
  • YMMV, but this troper burst out laughing when the Mafia came to Mario's house.
  • Ash, Brock or Gary's constant doings are this.
  • Ness whenever he's a large ham.
    Ness: So you're the Darkness. Of course I already knew that 'cause I'm psychic.
    Wario: How do you know these things?
    Ness: PSYCHIC!
    • Later continued on with his discussion with Luigi.
    Luigi: You know Ness, when they fall to the ground, they're dead. You don't need to beat them to a pulp.
    Ness: So what are you, the language police AND the violence police now?
    Luigi: I come from a world where giant plants try to eat you. There's not a whole lot that scares me, but right now, you do.
  • Everything Matt (Wario) does is hilarious.
  • Chris a.k.a. Luigi (in Nox Decious gear) scaring Peach's actress
  • Tommy Vercetti meets Gary and Brock
    Tommy: Who the f@ck are these idiots?!
  • The fact that Bowser thought that he could beat Luigi because he's taller now.
  • Gary is apparently not a fan of Hyrule.
    Gary: Fine. We'll go. C'mon Brock, I'm sick of this fantasy wizard bullsh*t.
    Mario: Well gee, you don't have to be a dick about it.
  • The sequence where Captain Morgan wakes up and all the pirates enjoy Pirate Crunch cereal, which evolves into an entire commercial parody wherein the cereal is Applied Phlebotinum.