Awesome / Snow Crash

  • Uncle Enzo vs. Raven. That is all.
  • The virtual motorcycle race between Hiro and Raven.
  • Hiro's acquisition of the actual motorcycle.
  • Y.T. versus a building full of Feds. Y.T. wins.
  • The first few chapters is an exercise in Mundane Made Awesome – pizza delivery in Snow Crash is Serious Business on cocaine.
  • The awesome cavalry moment for the Kouriers, when they bring down L. Bob's chopper with their magnetic harpoons. Hundreds of them.
  • "I'm sure they'll listen to Reason." And...basically everything else about Reason, really.
  • Vic takes care of some unwanted attention:
    "It's, like, one of them drug dealer boats," Vic says, looking through his magic sight. "Five guys on it. Headed our way." He fires another round. "Correction. Four guys on it." Boom. "Correction, they’re not headed our way anymore." Boom. A fireball erupts from the ocean two hundred feet away. "Correction. No boat."
  • The Rat Thing's Heroic Dog instincts kicking in.
    Jack the sound barrier. Bring the noise.
    • The Rat Thing was in Phoenix, AZ, 375 miles away. And it still comes.
    • Doubles as heartwarming, especially when we see the nice doggie's thoughts about the nice girl who loves him.
  • Hiro Protagonist, on a dinghy, getting into a gun fight with an aircraft carrier. And winning. Well, I guess it pays to listen to Reason.
  • Hiro saved the Metaverse and all the hackers connected to it from a Logic Bomb... then used its structure to advertise his brand-new network security service to the people he just saved.
  • Hiro and Raven have a huge swordfight, on motorcycles, traveling at supersonic speeds, on the internet. Rule of Cool personified.
  • Raven's moment is, without a doubt, the moment Hiro discovers he carries a nuclear bomb on his motorcycle's sidecar wired to his vitals. As the badass page puts it so succinctly, "He no longer has to worry about being the baddest motherfucker in the world. The position is taken."
  • YT solving a hostage situation by jumping out of the Big Bad's helicopter, catching then dangling from the helicopter on a 'poon above a freeway then falling the rest of the way onto a car. Finally, she disables the 'copter as it lands to get her. How? She's read Moby-Dick.
  • When she kicked the tablet out of the helicopter.