Awesome / Smokin' Aces

  • Buddy avoids a bullet by slashing Ivy above the eye with a flick of one of his razor-edged playing cards.
  • Ivy killing two of the Tremor brothers.
    • While wearing handcuffs.
  • Sharice knocking FBI agents across the room with her .50 caliber sniper rifle, firing from one hotel into another.
  • Hollis survives being shot by the Tremors and thrown into Lake Tahoe, then manages to get a hold of a gun, make it to the hotel near the end of the movie, ambush Darwin Tremor, steal his Cool Car, and unload every round of his pistol into the neo-nazi's back as he walks away. Without looking.
    "Fuck this." ::blam blam blam blam blam::
  • The final scene.