Awesome / Singin' in the Rain

  • Cosmo running up and back-flipping off the walls at the end of "Make 'Em Laugh".
  • What happens at the end, when Lina's voice is revealed as a fraud.
    • The sheer glee on Don, Cosmo and RF's faces as they mime along with Lina's idiotic dance moves, right before they raise the curtain to reveal Kathy singing behind Lina.
  • Near the end of the "Broadway Melody" sequence, we see Don's character sulking after being rejected by his crush, again. Suddenly we hear a voice sing the exact same thing he did at the beginning. Then the two look at each other for a moment, the hoofer just shrugs and walks off. But Don's character has an epiphany and sings.
    • The sudden and unexpected appearance of Cyd Charisse's legs in that sequence and the dance number they lead to. There's a reason that shot is used as the page picture for She's Got Legs.