Awesome / Siege

  • Iron Man's entrance to the battle, followed by him shutting down the Iron Patriot armour. As Spidey comments:
    Spider-Man: And all of a sudden it's all worthwhile.
  • Captain America's entrance beforehand, in the previous issue, is even better. Taskmaster warns Osborn that he should turn around. Osborn does so just as his Iron patriot armor warns him that he's got "incoming." The next four panels show the same shot of Osborn just standing there—presumably in shock—with the reflection of Captain America's shield growing larger and larger as it spins towards his helmet like a discus...
  • Spidey being the one to get the final shot on Osborn.
  • Daken and a group of HAMMER soldiers are sent into town to find a battered and seemingly defenseless Thor. They find him. And are defeated in one panel, with Daken left a smoking, severely-burnt corpse.
  • Maria Hill, getting someone to drive her into the middle of the action with only a big ass bazooka to come to Thor's aid. She even fires at Osborn. She has no other weapons, no powers, but she stands between Thor and Osborn until the Jason (the man who drove her there) can get Thor into the truck to get him to safety. She then goes back to protect Tony Stark.
  • Phobos reacting to his father's death by single-handedly assaulting the White House, wiping the floor with the Secret Service, and leaving a warning for the President not to make the same mistake twice.
  • A villainous example. The U-Foes, in the incredibly brief cameo, manage to slap Volstagg around and single-handedly give Norman the excuse he needs to launch his crusade. They might not rank high on the villain scale, but damn if they're not lethal.