YMMV / Siege

  • Author's Saving Throw: To mend the wounds left by Civil War and Secret Invasion. It might've worked.
  • Funny Moment:
    • Norman Osborn trying to convince the Dark Avengers his intention of attacking Asgard is well-founded:
    Norman: Asgard is in a position of threatening America and the American way of life.
    Bullseye: So is McDonald's; should we invade them too?
    • In the ending, when all heroes are invited to a party to celebrate the end of Norman's reign, Spider-Man can be seen discussing with the X-Men, asking him if anyone suspected this might have been a trap to lure them here. Wolverine admits he did, prompting Spider-Man to ask why he came in that case. Wolverine's answer?
    "Free beer"
  • Narm: The final panel of the Seige: The Cabal one-shot features Osborn doing the ''imaginary tits'' gesture.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Everything about the Void, from the Gorn of a changed Sentry ripping apart Ares to the reveal of its true demonic appearance to Sentry's charred corpse after Thor is forced to Mercy Kill him.
    • There's also the extremely unsettling reveal of its nature as the Angel of Death. Osborn pronounces that the Void simply is Death. Its the end of all things. You'll meet him when you die, sooner or later.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: With Civil War, nothing was the same anymore. There were other stories like that, but always they were either set on alternate realities or possible futures, or the law was abolished or never enforced by the end of the story. For the first time, superheroes became either The Empire or La Résistance. With Siege, Status Quo Is God was restored, and the Marvel Universe returned to the ordinary context.
    • They might have wasted it due to the buyout of Marvel by Disney, which occured at roughly the same time as Siege's release (December 2009). While it's likely a huge coincidence, there's also the possibility that the status quo was restored as a condition of the buyout.
    • Norman was taking on the entire Marvel Universe, but he's still primarily Spider-Man's main villain, and it would have been nice if Spider-Man had been more involved in taking him down. All he did was get the last punch in after it did not matter anymore.