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aka: Serious Sam The Random Encounter

The First Encounter

The Second Encounter
  • The entire "Grand Cathedral" level.

Serious Sam 3
  • Sam says "Just encountered a warship. Scared it off though". Sam was on foot when fighting the warship.
    • Sam: All your base are belong to us, motherfucker!
  • "Booyah, motherfucker, TELL ME HOW MY PLANET TASTE!"
  • "It's not over until I teabag every last one of you alien motherfuckers."
  • "The Guardian of Time". Forget everything you know about The War Sequence; this leaves every one in the series in the dust.
    • This one deserves a bit of explanation. After powering up the Time Lock and thinking that his work is finally done, things take a turn for the worse for Sam when he finds out that a final, MASSIVE assault has been launched by Mental, that the rest of mankind is being systematically wiped out, erasing any possible hope for survival they had up to that point (The last-to-final level is ominously named " The Last Man on Earth"), and that Mental himself is coming to oversee the final destruction of Earth. After having both his Voice With an Internet Connection and Love Interest killed in the assault, Sam makes a final push towards the Time-Lock through a canyon under stormy, almost alien skies, fighting waves upon waves of almost every single kind of enemy in the entire game, culminating with a stand against massive WAVE after WAVE of Kleers and Khnums, and AFTER that, a battle against the final boss, Ugh-Zan IV, while still being rushed by hundreds of Khnums, Technopolips, Minor and Major Biomechanoids, and a final dash to the Time Lock as Mental finally arrives and hurls the bloody MOON towards the Earth, completely destroying it right after Sam manages to jump through the portal. All of that while epic music blasts on the background, and the ample supplies of ammo guarantee you with almost unlimited ammunition for the fight. And you'll need every single bullet.
      • How many enemies does Sam kill just in that one level? Over seventeen hundred, followed by a three hundred foot tall boss and endless waves of respawning attack helicopters, Khnums, and Biomechanoids.
  • The DRM, which spawns an immortal scorpion who will hunt players who pirated the game down. No "Always Online", no Secu-ROM, no Starforce, no bullshit like that. This is what DRM for any game should be like.
  • The first time you see a mounted turret mowing down a group of enemies is a sight to behold and a definite CMOA. Realizing that you can turn them on and off, followed by realizing that you can lure enemies into the turret's line of sight brings the CMOA even higher.
  • The first minute of actual gameplay. Sam has just fallen out of a helicopter into an abandoned apartment complex. He has no weapons and is at half health. Not ten seconds after Sam stands up and starts looking for a way out, a Gnaar climbs up the wall and attacks. Sam rips its goddamned eye out with his bare hands. And, if it wasn't awesome enough that first time, you can then do it to every Gnaar you encounter from that point forward.
    • You can also throw the eye to kill an enemy. Or, if you throw it just right, you can use that first eye to bounce a secret shotgun to you.

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