Headscratchers / Serious Sam

  • Okay, so either that may be a silly time paradox or a BFE-induced plot hole. It is widely known that Sam gets all his ammunition back from the future via Time Lock, knowing also that he entered the teleport into Ancient Egypt right before Earth got blown up completely. Although if Ugh-Zan IV became Ugh-Zan III's father because of the time paradox, may it mean that on the same ocassion, Sam Stone will deliberately kill Mental back in the past?
    • I was always under the impression that the weapons found in the past were meant for Bravo Team, who got killed by a Zerg Rush of Mental's giant mooks. Either that or scientists are still transporting things back to Sam. Humanity was a spacefaring race at the time of Mental's attack, you know. It wouldn't be to absurd to assume they have some off world colonies.
      • Makes sense. If the reinforcements have not only appeared in all around the Egypt, but have also made it into the Ancient South America and just about everywhere else, NETRICSA might have contacted the colonies to supply Sam with armory long ago, yet never informed Sam about what she was up to.
      • The Sirians building more than one Time-Lock on future human colonies would also be pretty in-character for them, if the multiple portals in The Second Encounter are any indication. That does raise the question of how any of the non-Earth ones are active, though.
  • If Mental blew up the planet at the end of BFE, then where and when is Sam in Serious Sam 2? Is he the only human left? Is he still in the past?
    • I thought the idea was that if Sam succeeds in killing everything in the past then Earth's future will be affected, thus undoing its destruction.
      • This would explain the presence of new human weaponry, seeing as, if Mental didn't destroy the earth, they would have had more time to develop new weaponry to send Sam in the past.
  • Why did Mental expend millions of troops against Earth when he could've just tossed the Moon into Earth the whole time?
    • Maybe he didn't originally want to but Sam's persistence pissed him off a bit too much?
    • He probably wanted to keep Earth around for whatever reason. Otherwise, he probably would have dropped the moon on it back when he was fighting the Sirians.
    • Mental...kind of an asshole. I'm sure he cares just as little about his minions' lives as he cares about the planets they're destroying. I'll bet he didn't even teleport his remaining minions off the planet before he mooned it. Because why bother. Sending millions of mooks to die taking down one planet isn't that different than sending tens of thousands of mooks to take out one man. Mental's probably having a great laugh about the whole ordeal.
    • Because he's mental.
  • Why does Ugh-Zan IV look nothing like Ugh-Zan III?
  • Is Mental a physical being?