Awesome / Sammy Keyes

  • At least one per book. Sammy and her friends are that Badass Normal
The Art of Deception
  • Sammy realizing that the art burglar is using a squirt gun just by seeing a wet patch on his jeans, knocks him down and manages to get him to run before he can steal Diane's paintings, though she gets a mean kick to the jaw for her heroics. Grams delivers Anger Born of Worry, but Diane is grateful and teacher Miss Kuzkowski tells Sammy So Proud of You afterward.
  • In a similar vein, Sammy having a Eureka Moment about Elizabeth Reijden changing her name to "Diane" so that she could change the signature on her father "Duane"'s portraits after accidentally picking up Tammy Finnial's still-life, since she had seen the "T" covered up by other classmates' paintings.
  • Grams vs. "Diane" Elizabeth Reijden in the climax. Grams is nearly knocked down, but she gains a Heroic Second Wind long enough for Sammy to prove that Diane is a fraud, and her father actually did the paintings.
  • Sammy's What You Are in the Dark moment about her art assignment. As she puts it, she had interviewed a fake that she exposed but the news won't come out until long after it's graded, and no one knows that Sammy helped expose Diane as a fraud. Sammy decides to write out the interview, add a note to talk to Mrs. Kuzkowski in private to tell her the truth and thank her for giving the assignment, and then write up her ideas on what art is.
Psycho Kitty Queen
  • Sammy bargaining a piece of cake out of Hudson for breakfast, using the excuse that it's her birthday the next day and she hasn't liked celebrating it for two years.
  • Heather and her pals try to steal Sammy's horseshoe, and she beats them all up and breaks Heather's arm.. Those wrestling lessons paid off.
  • Holly bringing her baseball bat when she and Sammy investigate the "abandoned" warehouse where Tony works. It comes in handy, and Sammy admits she wouldn't have thought of it.
Dead Giveaway
  • Marissa created an in-universe Ensemble Darkhorse, getting the school to nominate Sammy for "Best Original Style".
  • Sammy has an opportunity to punch Heather in the nose, the way she did in The Hotel Thief, but holds back. As a result Heather gets in trouble and Sammy gains maturity.
The Wild Things