Awesome: Sammy Keyes

  • At least one per book. Sammy and her friends are that Badass Normal

Psycho Kitty Queen
  • Sammy bargaining a piece of cake out of Hudson for breakfast, using the excuse that it's her birthday the next day and she hasn't liked celebrating it for two years.
  • Heather and her pals try to steal Sammy's horseshoe, and she beats them all up and breaks Heather's arm.. Those wrestling lessons paid off.
  • Holly bringing her baseball bat when she and Sammy investigate the "abandoned" warehouse where Tony works. It comes in handy, and Sammy admits she wouldn't have thought of it.
Dead Giveaway
  • Marissa created an in-universe Ensemble Darkhorse, getting the school to nominate Sammy for "Best Original Style".
  • Sammy has an opportunity to punch Heather in the nose, the way she did in The Hotel Thief, but holds back. As a result Heather gets in trouble and Sammy gains maturity.
The Wild Things