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Awesome: SaGa

The comic book series

  • Marko's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of the Landfall forces that caught up with Marko and Alana in issue 6.
  • Alana, Marko and Izabel escape Cleave on a rocket ship which is a giant tree.
  • The Will and Gwen rescue Slave Girl.
  • The Will saving The Lying Cat when it gets ejected from their ship.
  • Barr's Heroic Sacrifice to save the ship.
  • Marko almost hitting his mother with a lightning strike after she insults his wife one too many times.
  • Oswald manages to talk Prince Robot IV out of killing by helping him come to the realisation of what the opposite of war is: fucking.
  • Izabel scaring off The Lying Cat in issue 18 by assuming the form of a gianormous mother cat, calling her "the runt of the litter".
    • Earlier, she pulls a similar trick on the Timesuck's Midwives by turning into a giant fire gorilla.
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