Awesome / Sam & Max: Freelance Police

  • In the comics, Sam stopping an alien invasion by kicking the leader so hard, he flies out of his pants.
  • He and Max deal with bikers terrorizing a couple on the road. Sam smacks one of the guys off his bike using Max. While they are all barreling down the highway.
    Sam: (to one of the bikers) Hey... hey buddy! Wanna see something really peculiar?!
    Sam smacks the biker in the face with Max, who giggles "Tee-hee!"

Sam and Max: Freelance Police video game series

Season One

  • Three definitive words: MAX AS PRESIDENT.
  • "Hey, Hugh Bliss! Separate this!"
  • Bosco gets one in the season finale when he's selling an earthquake maker for a hundred trillion dollars and when told he's crazy, utters this response...
    Bosco: Look, man, all I know is, I keep making up the most ridiculous price I can think of, and you keep paying it! So I ask you: who's the foo'?
    Sam: Well, with a sales pitch like that, how can we not buy it?

Season Two

Season Three

  • Sam finally beating the crap out of that damned Skun-ka'pe.
  • Noir Sam and the whole interrogation part in "They Stole Max's Brain!" Especially when you use Noir in the right moment with Skun-ka'pe's Minion.
  • Max managing to defeat Sammun Mak... using the salutes and oaths that Sammun Mak himself created!
  • Three words. MAX VERSUS CHARLIE HO-TEP. (All right, four words.)
    • Some more words: of all the episode endings and final confrontations Telltale has done so far, this is just the most epic in its presentation (and still one episode in the season to go). Compared to the final encounter of the 2nd season where you banish the Soda Poppers in a pedestrian looking office with the Granny Weatherwax theory of witchcraft ("use whatever's handy even if it's not very impressive, it'll work just as well") you have Max, glowing with the Power Limiter off, in the sky, amid swirling winds, above the demonically-twisted Statue of Liberty locked in psychic battle, with the Sam clones marching in rows to their doom below, set to spooky chanting and organ music, with Sam below trying to help in any way possible.
  • Sal's Heroic Sacrifice. It turns out that the concept of cockroaches being immune to radiation was an Urban Legend, but Sal knew this anyway. He just figured that if his last act could be used to do some good, his death wouldn't be in vain.
  • If you try to shoot the Narrator in 305, instead of making an excuse about why he can't use his gun like he normally would, Sam whips it out and aims. The Narrator assumes he's bluffing and laughs it off, asking if he really wants to fire a gun in his partner's mind. Sam responds by pressing it to his forehead, finger on the trigger. They both stare at it for a moment before the Narrator snaps, "Okay, really, Sam, cut it out" and Sam puts it away, smirking.
  • Abe's Rousing Speech to an army of Maimtron 9000's